Undergraduate Awards

Departmental Awards & Fellowships

Distinction in Research and Creative Works Award

Prof. Costello's class

Deadline: Ended

Distinction in Research and Creative Works is a university award for select undergraduates, granted at commencement, which appears on the transcript and diploma. Students must apply to be considered for the award, and the application must be supported by a letter from a faculty member.

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William A. Camfield Fellowship

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Deadline: Ended

This Fellowship, originally created in July 2001 with the retirement of a beloved professor, past department Chairman, and tireless advocate of the arts in Houston. The fellowship is one of the department's primary fellowships intended to support outstanding student scholarship and museum internship in the field of art history. The fellowship offers one undergraduate of art history the opportunity to work as an intern for one academic year at The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston under the guidance of a professional museum curator.

($10,000/academic year)

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Mary Ellen Hale Lovett Travel Fellowship

London Museum

Deadline: Ended

The Mary Ellen Hale Lovett Travel Fellowship, through the generous support of Mr. H. Malcolm Lovett, provides students with the unique opportunity to enhance their educational experience at Rice by traveling to significant sites to conduct field research in art history, architectural history, and film and media studies.

(up to $4,000)

While applications for this fellowship are being accepted, final disbursement of the fellowship award is still under consideration due to possible travel restrictions related to the pandemic.

*March 22, 2021 Update: Per guidelines issued by the Office of the Provost, University-sponsored international travel is not permitted for undergraduate students, but students may petition the dean of undergraduates to make the case that such travel is necessary for coursework or research. University-sponsored travel within the United States to take part in research or other activities directly relevant to degree progress is permitted.

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Jameson Fellowship for American Arts & Decorative Painting

Bayou Bend

Deadline: Ended

The Jameson Fellow will spend the academic year as an intern at the Bayou Bend Collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. Bayou Bend is regarded as the best house museum west of the Mississippi and contains an outstanding array of American painting, sculpture, and decorative arts from the colonial period through the 19th century. The stipend is $13,000. Additional funds (up to $1,500) are reserved for a research trip during the time of the Fellowship.

($13,000 + $1,500 travel/academic year)

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John & Dominique de Menil Fellowship

The Menil Collection

Deadline: Ended

The John & Dominique de Menil Fellowship offers one undergraduate or graduate art history student the opportunity to work as an intern for one academic year at The Menil Collection under the guidance of the museum's internationally respected curatorial departments. Area and field of research are open.

($3,000/academic year)

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University & School of Humanities Awards

Scholarship & Fellowship Opportunities

ABRAHAM BROAD EXCHANGE PROGRAM provides Rice undergraduates the opportunity to study abroad for an academic year at the University of Cambridge in the UK.

AMICI DI VIA GABINA TRAVELING FELLOWSHIP grants a summer traveling stipend for a student to provide an opportunity in the study of architecture, art, history, archeology, language, music and culture.

BEINECKE SCHOLARSHIP offers funding for juniors who demonstrate both financial need and scholastic achievement to pursue graduate school in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

HEDGE supports undergraduates with translating their humanities education to a professional environment. The program offers arts and culture, professional, and funding opportunities.

KATHRYN LEEBRON SMYTH AWARD provides returning undergraduates the opportunity to conduct independent research abroad for a minimum of six weeks.

LUCE SCHOLARSHIP provides stipends, language training, and individualized professional placement in Asia to undergraduate seniors.

THOMAS J. WATSON & ZEFF FELLOWSHIPS are one-year grants for purposeful, independent exploration and travel outside the United States, awarded to graduating seniors to enhance their capacity for resourcefulness, imagination, openness, and leadership.

WAGONER FOREIGN STUDY SCHOLARSHIP provides students the opportunity to conduct independent research abroad for a minimum of eight weeks up to one year.