Houston, National, & International Collaborations

Many Art History faculty members and graduate students have ongoing collaborations, which provide opportunities for students at all levels to gain a foothold in advanced research projects.
Statue of an Official or Priest, 2345-2055 BCE

Collections Analysis Collaborative: Arts of the Ancient Mediterranean at the Menil

The Collections Analysis Collaborative unites scholars at three key institutions in Houston -- Rice University, the Menil Collection, and the University of Houston--Clear Lake -- to achieve two goals. The first is to develop a rich understanding of the Menil's collection of art from the Ancient Mediterranean through extended research projects by scholars and students from these institutions and specialists from around the country. The second is to foster and sustain open-ended dialogue among participants regarding the acquisition, collection maintenance, display, and publication of the arts from the ancient Mediterranean, perhaps the most legally and ethically complex area of museological practice. The unique collaboration between students, art historians, archaeologists, and museum professionals will identify innovative approaches to address the contemporary issues of cultural heritage, object-based research, and public display confronting cultural institutions today.

Menil Collection: Arts of the Ancient World