Program Alumni

Ümit Fırat Açıkgöz, PhD
Ümit Fırat Açıkgöz, PhD

Dissertation: "Global Locality, National Modernity: Negotiating Urban Transformation in Early Republican Istanbul (1923-1949)" | Advisor: Dr. Shirine Hamadeh

Jane Celeste
Jane Celeste, PhD

Dissertation: "Perspectives on History and Heritage: J.M.W. Turner's Estate Views" | Advisor: Dr. Leo Costello

Stephanie Chadwick
Stephanie Chadwick, PhD

Dissertation: "Disorienting Forms: Jean Dubuffet, Portraiture, Ethnography" | Advisor: Dr. Gordon Hughes

Rachel Harmeyer
Rachel Harmeyer, PhD

Dissertation: After Angelica Kauffman | Advisor: Dr. Leo Costello

Rachel Hooper
Rachel Hooper, PhD

Dissertation: "American Art Histories: Framing Race in Exhibitions, 1842-1876" | Advisor: Dr. Leo Costello

Philip Kelleher
Philip Kelleher, PhD

Dissertation Title: "Disrupted Spaces: Urban Art Activism in New York City and Mexico City after 1968" | Advisor: Dr. Graham Bader

Natasha Mao
Natasha Mao, PhD

Dissertation: “Revealing and Concealing: Interactive Objects in Early Modern Italy, 1400-1600” | Advisor: Dr. Diane Wolfthal

Nikki Moore
Nikki Moore, PhD

Dissertation: "The Aesthetics of the Green Revolution: Art, Architecture and the Agrilogistics of Transnational Development between the United States and Latin America, 1930-1972" | Advisor: Dr. Fabiola López-Durán

Melisa Palermo
Melisa Palermo, PhD

Dissertation: "Cor ad Cor Loquitur: Burning Hearts and the Iconography of Divine Charity in the Catholic World, 1570-1770" | Advisor: Dr. Joseph Manca

Adrienne Rooney
Adrienne Rooney, PhD

Dissertation: A Worldbuilding Moment: Aesthetics and Economics in the Caribbean Festival of Arts’ (Carifesta) Revolutionary Era, 1966-1981 | Advisor: Dr. Maria Fabiola Lopez-Duran

Layla Seale
Layla Seale, PhD

Dissertation: "Demons as a Cultural Species in Late Medieval Northern European Art" | Advisor: Dr. Diane Wolfthal

Kyle G. Sweeney
Kyle Sweeney, PhD

Dissertation: "Notre-Dame de Louviers: Architecture and Urban Identity in Late Medieval Normandy" | Advisor: Dr. Linda Neagley

Melissa Venator
Melissa Venator, PhD

Dissertation: "Light Play: Light Art in 1920s Germany" | Advisor: Dr. Graham Bader

Olivia Wolf
Olivia Wolf, PhD

Dissertation: "Migrant Constructions and Mahjar Monuments: Transnational Art and Architecture in Modern Argentina, 1910-1955" | Advisor: Dr. Fabiola López-Durán

Yuri Yoshida
Yuri Yoshida, PhD

Dissertation: Placing Abstraction: Barnett Newman and the System of Historicization | Advisor: Dr. Graham P. Bader