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Sini-Islamic Calligraphy: Arabic Calligraphy in Chinese Tradition

Sini-Islamic Calligraphy Flyer

January 23, 2024 | 12:00pm | Rayzor Hall 119

The Departments of Art History and Transnational Asian Studies warmly welcome everyone to a public lecture and hands-on workshop focused on Sini-Islamic calligraphy led by Haji Noor Deen Mi Guangjian, a notable master of Arabic calligraphy. Free lunch provided. The lecture is organized by Xinyu Liang, Art History PhD candidate.

The lecture aims to introduce the aesthetic value of this intricate art form, unraveling its beauty as it seamlessly intertwines the protean Chinese brushwork with the fluidity of Arabic script. Moreover, it seeks to contextualize Sini-Islamic Calligraphy in history, unveiling its historical context and emphasizing its emergence during periods of vibrant cross-cultural exchange between China and the Islamic world. After the presentation, Mr. Noor Deen will lead a hands-on workshop, providing participants with the opportunity to engage in Sini-Islamic calligraphy through a firsthand experience of its materiality and writing practice. Artist Website:

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