Program Overview

Program requirements include two years of coursework and the demonstration of two language proficiencies in addition to English, as well as the successful completion of a graduate research paper, oral and written qualifying exams, a dissertation prospectus, and a doctoral dissertation.

There are two options for study. Students pursuing traditional, full-time study have the option to participate in teaching opportunities and museum internships. The Museum Professionals part-time program is designed for students who currently hold professional appointments at local museums. While students in this program are not required to complete the teaching assistant duties and have a longer timetable for completion, they must meet the same requirements as traditional study.

Although the department recognizes the added experience of coming into the PhD program with a master's degree, a master's is not required for acceptance to the PhD program in Art History and requirements for the program remain the same.

For information regarding financial support and the application process, please see the following pages:

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Note: Prospective students applying to the Museum Professionals Program should contact the Department of Art History Graduate Program Administrator at least one month before application deadline.