Honors Thesis


Bella Bunten. “Queen Death: Imaging Atropos in Late Medieval French Manuscripts.”

Grace Earick. “A Place to Mourn: Analyzing Setting in the Paintings of Beatriz González (1990-1999).”

Naomi Kass. “Doctor-Student-Patient: The Artist’s Eye and the Clinician’s Gaze in the Drawings of Richard Caton Woodville the Elder and the Paintings of Thomas Eakins.”

Areli Navarro Magallón. “Fake Flowers Can’t Bloom: Tracing the Political Impotence of Contemporary Muralism in Valparaiso, Chile.”

Moham Wang. “The Rebirth of a Long-Lost Imperial Garden.”


Clair Hopper. "To Control and To Educate: Didactic Italian Museography, 1920-1960."

Zelda Ziebel. "Ellsworth Kelly's Austin."


Allison Clark. "Furnishing the Texas Frontier: Examining the Life and Work of Johann Michael Jahn, 1844-1883."
(Advisor: Joseph Manca)


Nicole Scott. "Dissecting the Audience: From Reflective to Expressive in Early Modern Anatomical Illustrations." (Advisor: Diane Wolfthal)

Lanzhen Wang. "Exchanges in Material Culture Between Two Empires: Ming China and Timurid Iran, 1400-1600." (Advisor: Susan Huang)

Zack Marx-Kuo. "A Slap to the French New Wave: Humor in the Films of Godard and Truffaut." (Advisor: Charles Dove)

Andrea Romero. "Viewer, Ceiling and Sky: Post-War and Contemporary Ceiling Art." (Advisor: Leo Costello)