Stephanie Chadwick

Stephanie Chadwick is an Assistant Professor of Art History with the Department of Art at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas. Her research interests include modern European art and theory with an emphasis on French painting; relationships between art, literature, and colonialism; and art as multi-cultural exchange. She earned her Ph.D. at Rice University in 2015 and her dissertation, Disorienting Forms: Jean Dubuffet, Portraiture, Ethnography, was supported by a number of stellar faculty and prestigious research grants. She has published informative essays on Dubuffet and other modern artists, has a forthcoming anthology chapter titled “Double Take: Jean Dubuffet’s portrait of Antonin Artaud and the Balinese Theater,” and is currently writing a book titled Jean Dubuffet, Bricoleur: Portraits, Pastiche, Performativity.