HART in the World

Rice’s Department of Art History offers multiple opportunities to study and explore in diverse cities, museums, and collections across the world. These include faculty-led trips, on-site courses, exchange opportunities, and individual research fellowships.

Each spring break, HART majors and students with a demonstrated interest in Art History travel to New York City. Guided by department faculty, students visit museums, galleries, artists’ studios, and important architectural sites, getting an inside look at one of the world’s great cultural centers.

Every other May, a faculty member and an advanced Ph.D. student team up to lead a student group to an international metropolis for a three-week on-site course. This follows a spring semester on-campus seminar focusing on the art, culture, and history of the city in question. Previous iterations of “HART in the World” have traveled to Istanbul, Rome, Rio de Janeiro, and London. Following the students’ international experience, participating students organize a Herring Hall exhibition chronicling their journey.

The department also offers a study-abroad opportunity at Berlin’s Humboldt University tailored to Art History students. Based in the Humboldt’s Department of Art and Image History, participating students can take classes in both English and German and spend a semester in one of Europe’s most vibrant cultural centers. The exchange is available each spring semester; interested students should inquire with the Department Administrator.

Finally, the department of Art History offers individual fellowships for committed students to undertake independent research across the globe. Information about these opportunities can be found under the “Prizes and Awards” tab on the department website.

For courses and travel programs, the department covers airfare, lodging and site admissions.

HART in the World London Exhibition
                    HART in the World: London 2019 Student Exhibition