2019-20 Menil Fellow, junior Leah Olivo, recounts her time at The Menil Collection

May 29, 2020

Leah Olivo

With multiple fellowships under her belt, Leah has quickly taken the local art world by storm and made impactful contributions to Houston art museums. As the recipient of the previous academic year's John and Dominque de Menil Fellowship, Leah describes her experience working at The Menil Collection:

“My Menil Fellowship was a tremendous turning point in my Rice experience. I was challenged, learned new skills, used my Spanish, studied art that I identified with, and discovered that pursuing a PhD in art history is what I wanted to do after Rice. My mentor, Michelle White, was wonderful in teaching me and guiding me through both the exhibition process and all the unexpected events this semester has brought. I am proud to have spent the year at the Menil, excited for the upcoming opening of the Allora & Calzadilla exhibition I worked on, and incredibly thankful for the time I spent there and the knowledge I gained.”

Leah is also the proud recipient of the 2020-21 William A. Camfield Undergraduate Fellowship with the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.