HART senior Katharyn Hernández accepted to Queens University graduate school in Canada

April 15, 2020

Katharyn Hernández

Art History senior Katharyn Hernández, who is also double majoring in Chemistry, has been accepted into graduate school at Queen's University in Ontario, Canada.

Katharyn has been interested in a career in art conservation since high school. Her whole experience as an undergraduate has been about making sure she can take the next step, get to graduate school for conservation, and now she is finally there. Her excitement in attending Queen's University stemmed from her interview with them as it became very apparent that they value the same things. The university placed a great emphasis on education of chemical analytical techniques in their curriculum, which is something Katharyn has a lot of experience in. The university also stressed their dedication to a collaborative research environment, which she has found essential in her research endeavors. In graduate school, her research will center around treatment histories of art objects and how these choices affect these objects over time, both on visual and chemical levels. For her long term career goals, Katharyn wants to work in a museum located in Europe. She grew up going to museums all over the world and has found those experiences integral to the development of her passions. She strongly believes that art conservation is a great career to make sure that people can continue to appreciate the cultural heritage and educational opportunities afforded by museums for decades to come.  

Katharyn is graduating from Rice University in May and will attend Queen's University starting this fall.