Student Spotlight: Henry McMahon, PhD Student | 2020-21 Menil Fellow

Researching Modern Art at The Menil as a fellow

Henry McMahon

Having been awarded the John and Dominique de Menil Fellowship for this academic year, Henry worked alongside curators at the Menil Collection and the Menil Drawing Institute to help conduct research on works in the collections.

Learn more about his experience researching at the Menil below and consider applying for next year's fellowship!

"I have had a very good experience as a Menil Fellow this year. Paired with the Associate Curator for Modern Art, I have been involved in a handful of research projects mostly relating to current and upcoming exhibitions. The Fellowship has a structure, but it is also built to accommodate the particular interests of each Fellow. It has enabled me to conduct research in areas outside of my typical interests, while also giving me access to the Menil's files and research on artists and artworks that are relevant to my own scholarship. It has given me an opportunity to learn from and work with people from throughout the Menil and has given me a deeper appreciation of the many kinds of work that go into making an institution such as the Menil operate. As a third-year student, it has been a relief that the work I have done with the Menil has in no way "taken time away" from comprehensive exam prep but has, in most cases, been contiguous with exam readings and has given me deeper engagement with various artists, movements and historical moments than my reading list would have given me on its own. I would recommend it."
-Henry McMahon

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