Art History graduate student, Jane Evans, wins Wagoner Foreign Study Scholarship

February 19, 2016

Jane Celeste

"The Wagoner Foreign Study Scholarship provides students and alumni the opportunity to conduct research abroad for a minimum of eight weeks to one year." -

With this award, Jane Celeste Evans will travel to the UK to conduct primary source research related to her dissertation. Her project addresses the way British landscape painting of the late-eighteenth and early-nineteenth centuries both reflects and affects the relationships among aesthetics, environment, and class, thus revealing an eco-social network.  She will spend time working in a variety of archives and collections that will take her from London to Wales, and Norfolk to Scotland. Not only will she work with artistic material at such institutions as the British Museum and Tate, but she will mine less-commonly used resources like those in the Natural History Museum, the Ipswich County Record Office, and the Norfolk Historic Environment Record.