2020-21 Jameson Fellowship at the Bayou Bend Collection granted to rising senior Jessie Li

June 29, 2020

Jessie Li '21

As the recipient of the Jameson Fellowship for American Painting and Decorative Arts, Jessie Li will spend the next academic year as a researcher at the Bayou Bend Collection of the Museum of Fine Arts and receive a $13,000 stipend.

Double majoring in art history and architecture, Jessie explains her motivation for undergoing research at the Bayou Bend Collection:

"As someone who is seeking for a path of the future, I can see my career lie in the middle ground of architecture and art, both of which I have deep passion for. As an art historian I would be able to get in touch with one of the most precious decorative art collections from seventeenth to nineteenth century: the studies of first-hand material will provide me with valuable experience, the design of exhibition will familiarize me with curatorial practice and the institutional environment will allow me to understand the mechanism of a museum.

As an architect the very nature of a house museum will inspire me to consider the context differently. New architectures erect from the ground everyday in this world, and the ability to appreciate pre-existing structures is a priceless asset of architects and sometimes an opportunity to produce harmonious work."