Minor Requirements

Students pursuing the minor in Museums and Cultural Heritage must complete:
  • A minimum of 6 courses (18-21 credit hours, depending on course selection) to satisfy minor requirements.
  • A minimum of 3 courses (9 credit hours) taken at the 300-level or above.
  • A maximum of 2 courses (6 credit hours) from study abroad or transfer credit.
Core Requirement

ANTH 341/ HURC 341 Museums and Heritage: Exhibiting Art, Exhibiting Culture

Elective Requirements

Museums or Preservation

Select 2 courses from the following:

ANTH 362 Archaeological Field Techniques

ARCH 323 Seminar in Architecture

ARTS 378 Exhibition Design

FILM 327/ARTS327/ANTH 324 Documentary Production

FILM 430 Advanced Methods in Sound, Cinematography, and Editing

HART 101/CLAS 102/MDEM 111 Introduction to the History of Western Art I: Antiquity to Gothic

HART 297 Special Topics in Museum Curatorial Studies

HART 307 Technical Art History: Studying the Techniques of Western Painting, 13th-20th Centuries

HART 312/HURC 308 Advanced Study in Museums and Heritage: Arts of Ancient Mediterranean at the Menil Collection

HART 397 HART in the World Field Study

HIST 244 Museums in World History

HIST 318 Digital History Methods

HIST 343 History of Africa in the Museum

HURC 405 Diachronic Mapping: The Rice University Campus

SOCI 365/ANTH 365 Politics of Representation: How We Understand "War" and "The Racial Other"

Cultural Heritage

Select 2 courses from the following:

ANTH 205 Introduction to Archaeology

ANTH 303 Introduction to Archaeological Science

ANTH 308/SWGS 336 The Anthropology of the Historical Imagination

ANTH 312/MDEM 311 African Prehistory

ANTH 345 The Politics of the Past: Archaeology in Social Context

ANTH 355 Space, Place, and Landscape

ANTH 363 The Archaeology of Cities and States

ARCH 225/HART 225 Introduction to Architectural Thinking

ARCH 345/HART 345 Foundations int he History and Theory of Architecture I (1450-1850)

FWIS 140 Imaging the Past: Film, Fiction, and History

GERM 351/HART 387 Holocaust Memory in Modern Germany

HART 348 A Revolution from within: Trends in Contemporary Cuban Culture

HART 359/ARCH 359/FILM 359 Cinemas of Urban Alienation

HART 391/ANTH 378/FILM 378 Place and Memory in Middle Eastern and European Cinema

HIST 366/ARCH 366 Rio de Janeiro: A Social and Architectural History

HURC 432 Special Topics: Spatial Humanities

Practicum Requirement

Select 1 course from the following:

HART 300 Museum Internship I

HART 301 Museum Internship II

HART 400 Bayou Bend Undergraduate Internship I

HART 401 Bayou Bend Undergraduate Internship II

HURC 423 HRC Practicum in Cultural Heritage

HUMA 406 Arts and Culture Internship

HUMA 407 Arts and Culture Internship 2