Affiliated Rice Faculty

Bernard Aresu
French Studies: Twentieth-century French literature and art
Elias Bongmba
African art and religion
Steven Crowell
Terrence Doody
The modernist period, the novel and narrative theory, and contemporary literature
Charles Dove
Film history
Far├Ęs el-Dahdah
Modern Architecture
Stephen Fox
Modern Architecture
Beatriz Gonzales-Stephan
Literature, visual culture, and film history
Jean-Joseph Goux
Twentieth-century literature and visual culture
Shirine Hamadeh
Art, achitecture, and urban history of the early modern and modern Middle East
Deborah Harter
Nineteenth-century literature and visual culture
Christopher Hight
Architectural theory and history
Maya Soifer IrishMaya Soifer Irish
Medieval Europe
Thad Logan
Nineteenth-century visual culture in Britain
Kirsten Ostherr
Media and public health
Richard Smith
Chinese history and visual culture