The Department of Art History consists of eleven faculty members whose specializations include the art of the Americas, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, from antiquity through contemporary times. We are a methodologically and theoretically diverse department, and each year our permanent faculty is enriched with numerous affiliated and visiting professors, including museum curators and postdoctoral fellows.

Recent News

In mid-May, a new art history course took a group of 10 Rice students on a three-week exploration of Istanbul. The students’ experiences are now on display in an exhibition, “Istanbul: The City and Its History,” in Herring Hall

The Department of Art History invites applications for a two-year Post Doctoral Fellowship in Ancient Greek Art and Archaeology.

Prof. Joseph Manca's book "George Washington's Eye" won a John Staub Award for 2015, given by the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art, Texas Chapter, for promoting excellence in both classical and vernacular traditions.

Lectures, Openings & Events

Abstract Bodies: Sixties Sculpture in the Expanded Field of Gender (David J. Getsy)
David J. Getsy recasts debates around abstraction and figuration in 1960s art through a discussion of gender’s mutability and multiplicity.
Feb 12 to Feb 13 | February 12-13 | Herring Hall Room 126 (2/12, 1pm) and Contemporary Arts Museum (2/13, 2pm)
Vagantes Conference on Medieval Studies
Vagantes, North America’s largest graduate student conference for medieval studies, will hold its 15th annual meeting at Rice. The conference is co-directed by HART Ph.D. candidates Kyle G. Sweeney and Carolyn Van Wingerden.
Feb 18 to Feb 20 | Kyle Morrow Room, Fondren Library
Plenary Talk: Dr. Diane Wolfthal
Dr. Wolfthal will give a plenary talk entitled “Images of Servants: The Late Medieval Aristocratic Ideal and its Alternatives” at the Vagantes Conference on Medieval Studies. Free registration is required to attend.
Feb 20 to Feb 20 | 5:00pm | HUMA 117