Allison Springer

Advisor: Costello, Leo

Apparel Design, BA, University of Alabama

Marketing, MA, University of Alabama

Art History, MA, University of Alabama

Allison Springer received a bachelor’s degree in Apparel Design and a master's degree in art history from the University of Alabama. During her time at Rice, Allison has served as the 2018-19 Jameson Fellow at the Bayou Bend Collection with the MFAH, the Art History Faculty-Graduate Student liaison, Humanities representative and ombudsperson for the Graduate Honors Council, HGSA Treasurer, and GSA Director of Teaching Development. Her dissertation will expand on her master’s thesis, “Mixed-Race Fantasies: Abolitionist Propaganda as Spectacles of Race in the Nineteenth Century,” which focuses on the ways nineteenth-century American photography revealed latent ideologies and fantasies concerning race and sexuality. Her current interests include nineteenth-century European and American art and the transatlantic commonalities of visual culture between them, specifically in the context of social and cultural history as it pertains to changing social ideals, technological advances, and the development of modernism.

Major & Minor Specializations

Major: Nineteenth-Century American and European Art

Minor: Early-Twentieth-Century Art


Summer Research Award (2018)

Jameson Fellowship (2018-19)

Brown Foundation Research Assistantship (Fall 2020)


Curriculum Vitae

Allison Springer CV