Judith Roof

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Judith Roof’s work is in 20th and 21st century literature, film, drama, criticism/theory, and culture generally, both US and UK as well as European loci of avant-gardisms. She has published books and essays on topics ranging from narrative theory, studies in sexuality, Hollywood cinema, DNA, the shift from analogue to digital, psychoanalysis, gender, film theory, hoaxes, The Big Lebowski, nerds, viagra, James Bond, feminist criticism, protozoa, systems theory, critical legal studies (she is an attorney), and the work of such authors as Samuel Beckett, Harold Pinter, Marguerite Duras, Virginia Woolf, Percival Everett, Richard Powers, Nicole Brossard, David Hare, Simon Gray, Tom Stoppard, and, well, Rabelais. She has also edited or co-edited collections of essays on dramatic criticism, the "oddball archive," feminist criticism, and psychoanalysis.