A Visual Culture Travelogue: Art and Politics in Modern Latin America (3 cr.)

Providing an alternative understanding of modernity and its artistic partner, modernism, this survey course traverses the political, social and cultural landscapes that informed and formed the art and architecture of Latin America, from the early twentieth century to the present. Graduate students will be expected to write a more extensive research paper (20-25 page-long paper rather than the 8-10 page paper required for undergraduate students). The use of primary sources is mandatory.

Credit cannot be earned for HART 665 and HART 265.

A Revolution From Within: Trends in Contemporary Cuban Culture (3 cr.)

This research seminar will explore contemporary trends in Cuban culture through literary texts, films, music and works of art. We will examine the ways in which politics and the practices of artistic representation intersect in post-revolutionary Cuba. A research trip to Cuba has been organized as part of this seminar. Course taught in Spanish. Graduate students will be expected to complete all the requirements of the course in addition to writing a research paper at the end of the semester.