A talk by Elena Sifford, Assistant Professor of Art History, Louisiana State University, on "Sixteenth Century Mexican Manuscripts and the First Images of Africans in the Americas"

Monday, March 20, 2017
Herring Hall 126

First Africans in the Americas: The Visual Record in Colonial Mexican and Peruvian Manuscripts

Africans in the Americas were first visually recorded by indigenous artists in manuscripts intended for European audiences. This talk examines such images from sixteenth and seventeenth century Mexico and Peru featuring Africans as conquistadors, slaves, private citizens, and rebels. Looking at these images within the context of their larger manuscripts reveals their ethnographic complexity and the development of concepts of alterity in colonial Latin America. 

Image caption: Anonymous Artist, from Fray Diego Durán, History of the Indies of New Spain and the Islands of Tierra Firme, The encounter of Cortes and Moctezuma,1579-81.