Public Talk with Nancy Wicker, Professor of Art History, The University of Mississippi, on "Animals and Humans in Viking Art"
Feb 5 | 4:00pm | Humanities Building, Room 117
Brown Bag Talk: Sebastian Schmidt, Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, Rice University
Event is limited to Art History faculty and graduate students.
Jan 19 | 12:00pm-1:00pm | Herring Hall, Room 126
Dissertation Defense: Melisa Palermo
Ph.D. candidate Melisa Palermo presents her dissertation entitled "Cor ad cor loquitur, Burning Hearts and the Iconography of Divine Charity"
Dec 12 | 10:00-11:00am | Herring Hall, Room 126
Public seminar with Jennifer Wild, Associate Professor of Cinema and Media Studies, University of Chicago on "The Flesh of the Image’s Flesh: History in the Image"
Nov 10 | 4:30pm - 6:00pm | Herring Hall, Room 126
RIO DE JANEIRO 2017 | A HART in the World Student Exhibition
RIO DE JANEIRO 2017, an exhibition produced by students who participated in HART in the World: Rio, opened on November 3rd, 2017.
Nov 3 to Nov 1 | Herring Hall, 1st Floor Gallery
Special screening of "Femmes du Chaos Vénézuélien" and panel discussion with filmmaker Margarita Cadenas
Filmmaker Margarita Cadenas will screen and discuss her film ""Femmes du Chaos Vénézuélien" with Rice Faculty
Nov 2 | 5:30pm Reception | 6:00pm Screening and Panel | Moody Center for the Arts, Room 103
Public talk by Erik Inglis, Professor of Medieval Art History, Oberlin College, on "Saints, Founders and Ancestors: The Later Medieval Reception of Earlier Medieval Books"
Oct 30 | 5:00pm | Humanities Building, Room 119
Katherine Tsanoff Brown Lecture Series: Robert Nelson, Yale University
Robert Nelson, Robert Lehman Professor in the History of Art at Yale University, will deliver the inaugural lecture in the Katherine Tsanoff Brown Lecture Series
Oct 27 | 5:00pm | Moody Center for the Arts, Room 210
Vital Constitutions: The Appearance of “Health” in History
Rice University’s Department of Art History is delighted to introduce its inaugural graduate conference, Vital Constitutions, which seeks to problematize the nature of “health.”
Oct 14 | 9:30am - 6:30pm | Moody Center for the Arts
Brown Bag Talk: Sarah Rous, Nancy and Robert J. Carney Postdoctoral Fellow in Classical Art and Archaeology at Rice University
Event is limited to Art History faculty and graduate students.
Sep 29 | 12:00pm | Herring Hall, Room 126
Dissertation Defense: Kyle G. Sweeney
Ph.D. candidate Kyle G. Sweeney presents his dissertation entitled "Notre-Dame de Louviers: Architecture and Urban Identity in Late Medieval Normandy"
Jun 29 | 2-4 p.m. | Herring Hall 126
Department of Art History Awards Ceremony
The end of the year awards ceremony celebrates undergraduate and graduate students in the Department of Art History for their achievements in the 2016-2017 academic year.
Apr 21 to Apr 21 | 3:30pm-6:00pm | Herring Hall Foyer & Courtyard
Brown Bag Talk: Rex Koontz, Professor of Art and Art History, University of Houston
"Image, Material, Object: Some Tendencies in Ancient American Art History." Event limited to Art History faculty and graduate students.
Apr 21 | 12pm-1pm | Herring Hall, Room 126 (*Note room change.*)
A talk by Elena Sifford, Assistant Professor of Art History, Louisiana State University, on "Sixteenth Century Mexican Manuscripts and the First Images of Africans in the Americas"
Mar 20 | 2:30pm | Herring Hall 126
A talk by Juliann Vitullo, Associate Professor of Italian Studies, Arizona State University, on "Money Can Save Your Soul: Charity, Poverty, and Labor in Early Modern Italy"
Feb 15 | 3:00pm | Humanities Building, Room 117
Talk by Jeanne Nuechterlein, Senior Lecturer, Department of History of Art, University of York
Feb 13 | 5:00pm | Rice University - Humanities Building, Room 117
Rice University Distinguished Seminar in Art History led by Keith Moxey, Barbara Novak Professor of Art History, Department of Art History and Archaeology, Columbia University
Art History Department Only
Feb 3 | TBD | TBA
Panel discussion, "How are 'Old Masters' Relevant Today?"
Alejandro Vergara, David Schutter and Zehira Bomford will lead the panel.
Jan 26 | 4pm | Rice University - Humanities Building, Room 117
Masterclass: Classical Archaeology and Art History (Department only)
Sarah Rous explores the relationship between Art History and Classical Archaeology
Dec 2 | TBA
"The Art and the Crisis of the Cruzeiro in Cildo Meireles's Banknote Project" (public talk)
A public talk by the art historian Elena Shtromberg on the Brazilian Conceptual artist Cildo Meireles.
Nov 11 | 4pm | Humanities Building Room 119
The Limits of 'Universal' Heritage: Islam and the Preservation of the Past
Nineveh, Mosul, Palmyra. Few can forget the scenes of cultural heritage destruction that have marked ISIS’ reign of terror. ISIS claims they are following the will of the Prophet, who took a firm stance against idolatry. But history tells another tale.
Nov 10 | 5:00 - 6:30pm | Founder's Room (Lovett Hall, Entrance B, 2nd Floor)
Photorealism: A History of Surfaces (Lecture)
"Photorealism: A History of Surfaces" - Lecture by Art History Professor Joshua Shannon
Nov 4 | 3pm | Humanities Building Room 117
ROME | 2016
The Department of Art History opens its Fall 2016 exhibition
Nov 2 | 4:00-6:00 | Herring Hall, First Floor
Screening: The Destruction of Memory
Screening of the film followed by Q&A with film director, Tim Slade, and Rice cultural heritage faculty
Oct 27 | 7:00 PM | Rice Cinema
Seamless: Digital Collage and Dirty Realism in Contemporary Architecture
Seamless: Brownbag presentation by Jesús Vassallo
Oct 21 | 12 pm | Herring Hall Room 126
Collaborative Futures for Museum Collections: Antiquities, Provenance and Cultural Heritage
This conference will explore how open collaboration between museums and scholars can shed new light on challenges that face art historians, archaeologists and museum professionals in a new era of cultural stewardship.  
Oct 17 to Oct 19 | The Menil Collection and Rice University
Nesselrode, Biczel and Moore speak in "Latin American Bodies: On modernism"
PhD candidates from IFA-NYU, UT-Austin and Rice speak at Rice graduate seminar on theories of the body
Sep 27 | 5:30-8:30 | Rice University, HUM 327
"Why People Kissed and Rubbed Their Manuscripts"
Public talk by Medieval Studies scholar Dr. Katy Rudy, University of St. Andrews
Sep 6 | 4-5pm | Sewall Hall, Room 307
Paper and Parchment, New Directions in the Study of Medieval and Early Modern Manuscripts and Drawings (Minter Symposium)
Aug 28 | 11:30am-12:30pm | TBA
HART in the World: Rome (John Hopkins and Natasha Mao)
Summer Course Abroad
May 16 to Jun 4 | Rome, Italy
Betsy Bryan - Collections Analysis Collaborative Research Visit - Egyptian Art at the Menil Collection
Betsy M. Bryan, Alexander Badawy Chair in Egyptian Art and Archaeology Professor at Johns Hopkins, will visit Rice and the Menil to investigate the Egyptian collection and meet with students.
May 1 to May 3 | Menil Collection
Year-End Awards Party
Art History year-end party and awards ceremony
Apr 22 | Time TBD | Herring Courtyard
The World in the Year 1000: The View from Beijing - Valerie Hansen, Professor of History, Yale University
Talk by Valerie Hansen, Professor of History at Yale University and author of "The Silk Road: A New History"
Apr 15 | 4pm - 5:30pm | Chao Center for Asian Studies, Mechanical Laboratory Building Room 209
cero negativo: a talk by Argentine artist Gustavo Díaz
Argentine Artist Gustavo Díaz to discuss his artistic research on Complex Systems and Innovation
Apr 12 to Apr 12 | 4pm | Humanities Building, Room 327
Paper and Parchment: Medieval Music, Architectural Drawings, and Illuminated Books
Apr 6 to Apr 6 | 9:30am-6:30pm | Kyle Morrow Room, 3rd Floor, Fondren Library
David Saunders - Collections Analysis Collaborative Research Visit - Getty Villa Provenance Project
David Saunders, Associate Curator in the Department of Antiquities at the Getty, will visit Rice and the Menil to speak with Rice students on the Getty Villa Provenance Project.
Apr 3 to Apr 5 | Menil Collection
Susan Langdon - Collections Analysis Collaborative Research Visit - Early Iron Age art of the Eastern Mediterranean at the Menil Collection
Susan Langdon, Professor and Department Chair at the University of Missouri, will visit Rice and the Menil to investigate Iron Age Greek objects in the collection and meet with students.
Mar 23 to Mar 25 | Menil Collection
Phoebe Segal - Collections Analysis Collaborative Research Visit - Classical Greek Vases at the Menil Collection
Phoebe Segal, Mary Bryce Comstock Assistant Curator of Greek and Roman Art at the MFA-Boston, will be at Rice and the Menil to investigate Greek vases and speak with students.
Mar 16 to Mar 18 | Menil Collection
Sky Measures
Lecture by Hashim Sarkis, Dean,Professor of Architecture and Urban Planning, School of Architecture + Planning, MIT
Mar 14 | 5:30pm | Anderson Hall, School of Architecture
Cuba: A Travelogue
Cuba: A Travelogue |A 10-day trip to Cuba | Spring Break 2016
Feb 27 to Mar 6 | Cuba
NYC Trip for Majors, 2016
A fully-funded trip to New York City for Art History majors in their Junior or Senior year.
Feb 27 to Mar 3 | New York City
Plenary Talk: Dr. Diane Wolfthal
Dr. Wolfthal will give a plenary talk entitled “Images of Servants: The Late Medieval Aristocratic Ideal and its Alternatives” at the Vagantes Conference on Medieval Studies. Free registration is required to attend.
Feb 20 to Feb 20 | 5:00pm | HUMA 117
Vagantes Conference on Medieval Studies
Vagantes, North America’s largest graduate student conference for medieval studies, will hold its 15th annual meeting at Rice. The conference is co-directed by HART Ph.D. candidates Kyle G. Sweeney and Carolyn Van Wingerden.
Feb 18 to Feb 20 | Kyle Morrow Room, Fondren Library
Abstract Bodies: Sixties Sculpture in the Expanded Field of Gender (David J. Getsy)
David J. Getsy recasts debates around abstraction and figuration in 1960s art through a discussion of gender’s mutability and multiplicity.
Feb 12 to Feb 13 | February 12-13 | Herring Hall Room 126 (2/12, 1pm) and Contemporary Arts Museum (2/13, 2pm)
Brown Bag Talk: Alida Metcalf, Harris Masterson, Jr. Professor of History
"Design Signatures on Sixteenth-Century Maps: The Compass Rose." Event is limited to Art History faculty and graduate students.
Feb 10 | 12pm | Herring Hall Room 126
Transformational Studies Seminar, Griselda Pollock (Leeds University)
This event is restricted to members of the faculty and graduate program in Art History.
Jan 22 | 2:00-5:00pm | Herring Hall 126
Brown Bag Talk: Alison Weaver, Director of the Moody Arts Center
"The Beuys Effect: Joseph Beuys’s reception in the United States.” Event limited to Art History faculty and graduate students.
Dec 4 | 12:00pm | HRG 126
Master Class, Medieval Art and Architecture
Nov 5 | Home of Professor Linda Neagley
Rice Gallery Talk featuring Dr. Aimée Froom, Curator, Arts of the Islamic World, MFAH
Join us in the Rice Gallery foyer for Professors' Perspectives featuring Aimée E. Froom, Curator of Islamic Art at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. Bring your lunch and hear her insights on Anila Agha’s Intersections.
Nov 4 | Rice Gallery
Fall Exhibition: HART in Istanbul
Istanbul, the city and its history: An exhibition
Oct 28 | Herring gallery walkway
Prof. Morag Kersel Lecture - "Lessons from Looting: People, Pots, and Planes at the Dead Sea, Jordan"
Prof Morag Kersel will speak on looting at the Dead Sea Plain and advanced research into tracking and studying archaeological objects
Oct 15 | Sewall Hall 570
Treasures from Islamic Lands: The al-Sabah and MFAH Collections
MFAH Curator and HART visiting professor, Aimée Froom, takes a closer look at multi-layered conversations between works of art sparked by having these two collections on view at the same time.
Oct 10 | Museum of Fine Arts, Houston | Caroline Wiess Law Building, Lower Level
How Elihu Yale Made His Fortune in India and Founded Yale University
MFAH book lecture by Benjamin Zucker, historian and gem expert
Sep 17 | Museum of Fine Arts, Houston Caroline Wiess Law Building, Brown Auditorium
Welcome dinner for graduate students and faculty
Aug 26 | home of Professor Diane Wolfthal
Welcome New Students!
We welcome all new Rice students interested in the Art History program.
Summer Course Abroad: Istanbul, the City and its History (3 cr.)
A first-hand exploration of Istanbul, former capital of three empires and thriving cultural metropolis
May 18 | Istanbul, Turkey
Cuba: A Travelogue
Photo essays from a Rice student seminar/laboratory for cultural research in Cuba
May 12 | Herring gallery walkway
NYC Trip for Majors, 2015
This great event has passed.
Feb 28 | New York City
Representing Trauma: World War I
Feb 22 | Museum Lecture Hall, The Getty Center
Begged, Borrowed, Stolen: The Many Lives of a Work o f Art
Lecture by Sharon Lorenzo J.D.
Feb 9 | Herring Hall 100
New Directions in the History of Gender and Sexuality: Self, Family, and the Social
Feb 7 | Kyle Morrow Room, 3rd Floor Fondren Library