Screening: The Destruction of Memory

Thursday, October 27, 2016
7:00 PM
Rice Cinema

The Destruction of Memory (2015, 1 hr 21 min.)
The war against culture, and the battle to save it.

Over the past century, cultural destruction has wrought catastrophic results across the globe. This war against culture is not over - it's been steadily increasing.

In Syria and Iraq, the ‘cradle of civilization’, millennia of culture are being destroyed. The push to protect, salvage and rebuild has moved in step with the destruction.  Legislation and policy have played a role, but heroic individuals have fought back, risking and losing their lives to protect not just other human beings, but our cultural identity - to save the record of who we are.

After the film, Prof. John Hopkins (Art History) and Prof. Sara Whiting (Dean of the School of Architecture) will hold a question and answer session on the destruction of cultural heritage with the film’s director, Tim Slade.

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