The World in the Year 1000: The View from Beijing - Valerie Hansen, Professor of History, Yale University

Silk Road images
Friday, April 15, 2016
4pm - 5:30pm
Chao Center for Asian Studies, Mechanical Laboratory Building Room 209

Talk by Valerie Hansen, Professor of History, Yale University
On or around the year 1000, several different regions of the world came into direct contact for the first time. Most notably, the Vikings touched down in present-day Newfoundland, Canada. In 1005, the Song and the Liao signed the Treaty of Chanyuan, which brought a century of peace and divided East Asia in a few way: to the north, the Liao dynasty received gifts from the peoples of Siberia and the Arctic, while the Song re-oriented their foreign trade to face Southeast Asia. This talk will consider the different types of contact that ensued and how they affected the people living in different parts of what is now modern China.