Treasures from Islamic Lands: The al-Sabah and MFAH Collections

Saturday, October 10, 2015
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston | Caroline Wiess Law Building, Lower Level

From Spain to India, Central Asia to Morocco and beyond, the arts of the Islamic world embody powerful visions of mankind's relationship to the divine, the tastes of Muslim rulers, and a brilliant feeling for abstract color and design. Beauty permeated every aspect of life-both sacred and secular-reflecting the extraordinary sophistication, and the international network of exchange, that the Islamic courts enjoyed throughout Europe and Asia. 

Two collections on view at the MFAH—the Museum's growing collection of the arts of the Islamic world, and the installation Arts of Islamic Lands: Selections from The al-Sabah Collection, Kuwait—offer an extraordinary opportunity to look at the dynamic diversity of these objects, and to discover the rich stories of cross-cultural encounters they embody. Aimée Froom takes a closer look at multi-layered conversations between works of art sparked by having these two collections on view at the same time.