In mid-May, a new art history course took a group of 10 Rice students on a three-week exploration of Istanbul. The students’ experiences are now on display in an exhibition, “Istanbul: The City and Its History,” in Herring Hall

The Department of Art History invites applications for a two-year Post Doctoral Fellowship in Ancient Greek Art and Archaeology.

Prof. Joseph Manca's book "George Washington's Eye" won a John Staub Award for 2015, given by the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art, Texas Chapter, for promoting excellence in both classical and vernacular traditions.

Vagantes, North America’s largest graduate student conference for medieval studies, seeks submissions for its 15th annual meeting at Rice. The conference is co-directed by HART Ph.D. candidates Kyle G. Sweeney and Carolyn Van Wingerden.

Rice PhD student is the lead curator of solo exhibition at the MFAH

A doctoral student in the Art History department, Kyle works on the Late Gothic architecture of the church of Notre-Dame in Louviers.