HistoryRepeating (3 cr.)

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School of Architecture
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ARCH 412/612 (4)
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Despite severe criticism of modern architecture’s dogmatic nature, it is striking that various advancements, and deviations of modernist design principals have survived to this day. This seminar is based on the assumption that the foundation of modernism’s persistence is directly related to a perpetuation of pedagogical innovations that were introduced at the beginning of the twentieth century, and still dominate foundational design instruction to this day. The ambition of this reading-intense class is twofold: We will closely dissect theoretical statements and pedagogical ambitions on the one hand, and meticulously analyze related projects on the other. Following a systematic overview of educational systems that have shaped our profession, we will look at four speci c case studies, and discuss both pedagogical ambitions and the resulting architectural production. Open to upper level art history students and architecture students who have completed the history/theory sequence.
Cross-list: HART 412, Graduate/Undergraduate Equivalency: ARCH 612. Mutually Exclusive: Credit cannot be earned for ARCH 412 and ARCH 612. Repeatable for Credit.